da DOC seniah


diz LEGENDARY MOFO wuz de inpiration fo da DOCZ merkin sheeyat concert FURY UNLEASHING!!!

:doc: :stop:

he wuz in hactual fact, A PHARMACIZT

a dizgraced doctah himzelf - he felt da shame cuz he could nevah make it az a real hardcore PhD of FURY

howevah, he did haff da SPIRIT

he lived out hiz FURY thru hiz offspring, born of pure FURY

n diz spirit wuz passed on to da MOZT SURGICALLY PRECIZE PENIZ IN HIZTORY

DA DOC!!! :doc: :doc: :doc: :doc: :doc: :doc: :doc:

doc sr pharmasuitical.JPG

hahahahahaha da seniah DOC wit hiz DOG. look at hiz expression man! he evidently lackz FUUUURY


da doc vill cum to avenge diz dizz 8)

The Zepp should hold his tongue. :stuck_out_tongue:

This pic makes tha seniah’s sacrivize moz evident. On the fateful night of the doc’s conception, the seniah poured forth all the remaining fury he had left to create the :doc:. Nothing but respec can be paid to this patriarch of fury. 8)


Da doggy thingy explainz everythin 8)

That’s the mozt he can handle in his drained state. What an admirable mofo. It brings a tear…:cry:

hahahahaha, datz rite

but letz not foget dat hiz idol waz da HO n he loved VIRTUOZITY FO DA SAKE OF VIRTUOZITY

also- notice dat he lookz alot lyk hiz son!
heartwarmin sheeeeyat

he even look lyk a penis


hahaha yep, ic da rezemblance 8) :doc:


To say " phallic preoccupation" iz to put it mildly.

indeed… … …but itz respecable

OR’ZIT?? :confused: :confused: :confused:

hahaha dat image iz hilariouzly fucked up

DAYUM, where is da comme_jr when ya need him? he is obviously an d expert on mass penis conjunctions :blush:

u iz forgettin - hiz fatha taught him everythin he knowz 8)

I thank the honored forefather everyday that the juniah didn’t go hardcore. :open_mouth:

{|Or do i? (Fine)||

{|||:Trust me, I do.|

{|Although the possiblity remains that I do not.|

{|But the possibility is void because I do|

{|[1.]I do||:expressionless:|

{|[2.]I don’t D. C. al Fine|

hahaha u sayin da DOC aint a hardcore mofo?

I was referring your juniah. 8)

hahahahahaha, correct

sheeyat what kind of connection u haff??? :open_mouth: