da doctah, da hyperion and da kancerto sittin in a treee...


Da hyperion websisite sez dat da kancerto haz ben recently record

neone haff any idea when dis mofo vil be available?


Recently recorded ?

The following recordings have been made and will be issued over the coming months. The list includes a number of titles to be released on Hybrid SACD ? the ‘Super Audio Compact Disc’ format.

…Marc-André Hamelin - Haydn Sonatas and Alkan’s concerto for Solo piano

Great news, eh?

Hamelin playing Haydn??? Wonder how that will sound :unamused:

i actually have a hamelin vid with him playing a haydn sonata in c major. its actually pretty good. not as good as his other videos, but still good.

Hamelin’s coming to perform at my uni later this year. I wanna record the whole thing with my digital camera! :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

then it’ll be commercially unavailable! :smiling_imp:

His program:

Haydn Sonata in F major Hob. XVI/23
Schumann Fantasiestücke Op. 12
Hamelin Con Intimissimo Sentimento (last 4 movements) Album Leaf, Music Box, After Pergolesi, Berceuse (in tempore belli)
Alkan Symphony for Solo Piano Op. 39 No. 4-7


If I succeed in recording this, I’ll post it.

that’s almost completely the same as the Stockholm programme

but if it is video it is of course quite valuable

The New Doc KAN cd will be released next February.

subwoofah…ho do u know dis? why would :doc: torture us like dis. if u know dat do u know if he vill put “comme” on dis cd as well?

tortured ghey-lovah uff :doc:,


i asked hyperion and they said May 1st nexct year… lets hope you’re right and i’m wrong.