Da Doctah's legendary claim to fame

In 1992, witout prior warning, DA DOCTAH randomly decided to burst onto da penisitic scene, unleashing dis TRU FUCKIN’ MOFO on an unsuspecting record buyin public:http://www.musicandarts.com/CD724d.html

Fo many dis be dere introduction to DA DOC. Listen to da 3rd mvmt clip and imagine da :open_mouth: dat ought to have cum wit Witnessing a 24incher fo da first time. 8)

Check dis controled reaction fo eg: http://groups.google.co.nz/groups?hl=en&lr=&selm=MARCA.93Jul26011521%40wintermu.ncsa.uiuc.edu

Let us relive DA DOC’s legendary SD achievements and get ready fo tonite’s broadcast.


u hyped up dis sheeyat, and didnt even cum

u fuckah

Derez always da next sperm whale recital 8)

hahaha, his recent programmes are actually better den da doc