Da Don Juan Pimpette versus Da ton-housing overture

which one is harder? Tannhauser or Don Juan Fantasy? Rumor has it da :pimp: himself had to stop in the middle of da ton-housing to rest because it is so taxing…but da pimpette is also mofo…how r their difficulties? and how do their overall difficulty compare to da rach 3?

also, a noob question: is da mephisto as hard as them?

don juan initially appears much more dififcult and probably iz

but tannhauser iz more difficult den it seemz

mephisto iz much eazier

actually in da vid of moiseiwitsch the tannhasuer seems hard as fuck…sheeyat…

i wonder how much harder the pimpette is…

and in relattion to da rach 3???

kinda stupid question honestly,

the pieces differ so much in duration and demands (solo vs. orchestral), da comparison is pointless

but if i had a month to learn a piuece, i wud chose the DJ

I would learn the Norma.

tru, tiz juz da bezt piece, pozzibyl joint wiz da tannho

BUT da don iz pozzibyl da hardezt, n if datz wut u wanna do den do da hardezt

can someone upload da norma? i never heard it…

wow, and what kind of difference in difficulty is da pimpette and da housing? da housing uses lots of jumps and octz and sghit…

da DJ iz harder than da Tannhauser, if u have seen da score, da Tannhauser even thought with alt. octs and jumps, it’s actually quite pianistically written.

In the another hand, da DJ has a lot of weird ass passage with unnatural fingering and huge technical obstacles (like fast long third scales)

Mephisto waltz is WAY easier than it sounds.

i agree wit STeinwayModelD–da don julio iz da hardest and not nearly az natural for the fingers as da tannhauser

az far as Mephisto iz concerned, in da book da Rectum said dat mephisto and scrib 5 iz da harest in da whole rep

you sure it’s not Feux Follet he said instead of Mephisto?

Hamelin Liszt-Bellini Norma live

s38.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=22NN … MJWOQB5OGH

Credit goes to jre for the rec.

I’ve heard the same about Richter regarding Scriabin 5 and Liszt Mephisto, his reason being the annoying difficulty of the leaps in both pieces.

hahahaha teh mephisto da hardest piece???

harder dan pimpette AND a bunch of otha mofo liszt pieces???

wtf…harder than Prokofiev or Ravh 3???

zn’t tha mazzeppa 7 minutz of leaps?

lol, exactly…if u can play mazeppa u shud heff no problems with mephisto’s leaps…and yes, feux follets is abitch, and horo said its da hardest thing he ever played…

random out of topic reuqests:

Horo playing feux follets and Pimpette…thanks…i dun think he recorded da pimpette tho…

every piece cud be da hardezt evah if u do dem at :rectum: zpeedz

:stop: :stop: :stop: :stop: :stop:


i just heard da :rectum: :chop: ballade 2 and it is da insanity