Da Dongah announces random return:

slippedisc.com/2018/06/just-in-l … m=linkedin

In a Mozart Conc tru.

ahahahaha fuckkkkkkkkk

da DONGAH pozz tryin to accelerate hiz career trajectory to catch up wiz

da POGO :sunglasses:

Accelerate in the same zentence as current vintage pogo? :smiley:

I like Mozart banged like Bartok.

And then: theguardian.com/music/2012/ … ang-review


:clazzikal m*zic: 8)

I can’t imagine da Dongah in Mozart 491. Probably the most difficult Mozart concerto to interpret. Schnabel knew how to manage it, many other big names made a fragmented mess of it.

I can’t stand Lang Lang. Period.

Hahaha, that review. :slight_smile:
“Musically, though, the evening was a car crash.”

I appreciate the fact the lang lang can play piano well if he wants but not everybody has to be a great, profound of even complete artist… and that’s ok.

I’ve been listening to non-genius popular pianists off an on lately and finding some enjoyment in it ( liberace, iturbi etc. ) Lang clearly cut from this cloth - no shame there just needs to drop the pretense I think and he’d start getting passable reviews again.