Da Dongah - anybody lykes him?

I just saw a zart piano concerto performance in Bejing by da Dongah (in honour of da 250th birthday of da zart).

Da Dongah has become really fat (he looks a lot like da Elvis in his late years), looks and behaves ghey, and playz like an idiot.

Why doez anybody except 13yo teens appreciate diz peniz? Big unrespec fo da dongah!

Lang Lang plays the Liszt Tarentella and Bartok PC1 better than you ever will.

actually that’s a very fair statement

…so do hundreds or thousands of other pianists… I think da dongah is completely overrated due to agressive “pop star”-lyk marketing. It iz a shame dat hiz icon is neighbor of da ziff and da kan icon. Rather, hiz icon shud be besides Liberace and Claiderman. Diz peniz is just sheyat…

I’d be very interested to hear diz tarentella. I wonder how it stacks up next to da likez of Hofmann and Berman.

:dong: u failed da tezt, now leave :brotha:

He played some of it at a masterclass, I wish I had brought a video camera.

He plays it just plain wack, all that energy that usually turns into facial contortions became pure speed and fury.

well Lang Lang maybe got spoiled , but whatever he is a good pianist … and his recording from da Carnegie Hall iz really wikid , and what shocks me iz dat mah POLISH PROFFESOR lyks him a lot and says dat he is distinguished peniz at all and when she first heard him ovah da radio and didnt know his name she thought he iz a great generation of arraus musicality . whatevah …

LOL Yeah much sheyat. And no dong. Richter slaps him with his 2 foot long peniz.

his playing in da Carnegie iz sum of da most ridiculous performance i have heard

ridickulouzly WIKID

that’s right (though he’s ugly)

u ztupid bitchez … did u ever touched a grand piano???

:smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:


and yez he iz ugly

heard he put on a few pounds since da last performace

He may take da Burrman but da Hofmann, no way. He :dong: haz da fury but da precision of da hoff iz undeniable… :pimp: :stop:

Sure I like da dongah :dong: He iz a great penizt, ah do believe he will be playing even better in 30-40 years. He duz not “Brendelize” he brings da drama and excitement and fury to da 88, an wit style. :ho: :stop:

Mah bad self will forgive hiz youthful indiscretions… 8)

I like da dongah because I saw him in concert playing da :chop: PC 1. He hathed mucho fury and I was sittin like 15 feet behind him and got to see his hands :open_mouth:

:rock: “Dat sheeyat was fast”


i alzo saw tha dongah :chop: concerto in t dot lazt year. twuz truly a legendary evening fo many reazonz…moztly CG. unfortunately he wuz ovahshadowd by tha fury of tha Ouijidian rocky-symph2 that follwed. aftah tha intahmizzion :rock:

hahaha FUCK, i thought da ROCK zymph no2 wuz a moizt sheeyat