da DONGAH chop bal 4



Instant elimination unless

Unless it’s da Chop comp - in dat case, a 2nd prize shared wiz 4 otha random mofos 8)

Horrible tone…
But, spezial prize for da fazials and hiztrionics… :dong:


i give INZTANT FIRZT PRIZE fo diz interp

n dat CODA

no way da CHOP imagined DIZ GENSUI when he wrote dat zheeyat

diz DONGAH coda need to be notated wiz all da nu rhythmz written in, MUCH BETTAH den da borin CHOP URZEXT tru 8)

Does da dong still play piano?
Seems like he’s been out of commission for a while now.

He had a hand injury, didn’t he? Maybe even god had enough in the end.

Sorry :slight_smile:
Ten pater noster tonight

Haha yeah, he did this weird Gershwin perf were he just played one hand and had some minimofo play the other. The thing is he’s not being lined up to perform at all here next season, and assuming it’s a reflection of a bare upcoming schedule, it seems like his injury is dragging on for several seasons. I don’t particularly care since I don’t like his playing, but it’s curious.

not even the shittiest pianists deserve to be out of commission for a hand injury. Mah condolences.

I hope he can recover and come back with another 5 minute Liszt-Horowitz-Lang Rhapsody No. 2 with the classic DOG HEAD SHAKE move at the end. :dong: :dong: :dong:

but yes, he makes Liberace sound like a serious pianist and I’m DEAD serious.

While I’m already in the confession booth… I think the LL case is a little bit about leveling as it were. He certainly can be as bad as we keep saying he is, but I’ve heard several things from him as well which definitely have qualities beyond average to them. It’s just his mannerisms at the piano which drives me nuts, plus that he’s been marketed far and away above his weight class which I think also makes people want to pull him down a bit. For me he’s about on par with Khatia Buniatishvili or Sergio Tiempo for instance, the latter who I champion since I think he’s a little too underrated in these circles. With LL I take every opportunity to bash him instead since I think his reputation is greater than he is. But his best performances - which I think is what matters - is certainly worthy of a noted classical pianist. Just maybe not someone marketed as a second Horowitz.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with him. I just don’t like his playing.
Khatia is very nice to look at, and quite charming when she’s not trying to come across as an intellectual, but I don’t particularly like her playing either.
And the only thing I like about Tiempo is that he speaks excellent French. :pimp:

I can’t stand how the mass produced Lang facial orgies - bring this sort of cheap classical-pop crossover emoting dirt to the public.

His Chopin is an abomination out of the fucking abyss.

Clowns like Lang Lang make me want to go back to 1890, incurable syphilis and all…

I wrote it sumwhere else in this forum some time ago, but at the early stages of LL’s career I kind of liked his playing. Heard a :rock: III live that was really quite impressive. But later on, as people noticed here too, he became a sort of a clown, aiming more for fame & popularity than for arsetitsic development, more & more distortions in his interpretations and annoying mannerisms as a compensation for s.thing that is missing in his playing.
During the preparation of Ravel’s LH Concerto he got injured and I think he still didn’t completely recover. I really hope he used the last year to think things over…because indeed the guy is very talented and CAN play very well.
Ironically, he studied with an American pianist - Graffman - who had to give up his career because of an injury (in his case his r. hand).


da zepp alzo read thru dat conc b4 n i dun c any truly inzane zectz dat cud haff cauzed diz level of injury

wuz he goin fo a zub 10min interp? :lib:

BUT tiz tru da DONGAH felt da prezzure of all da young upncummin mofoz all eagah to dethrone hiz azz

on a PURE TECH level, da DONGAH knowz he iz NOT QUITE abzolute top-tier, n dat hiz ztrength iz in RANDOM INTERP n inztant ZPAZZ UNLEAZH etc n datz wut he wuz gravitatin toward latah on in hiz career tru 8)

i don’t i’ll ever be able to bring myself to listening to this.

I did, and I regret it.

Is there any Lang Lang rec which is listenable? 8)

The Carnigga debut?
His trio recording (Rach and Tchaik I think) was well received, though I haven’t heard it. (And Maisky’s mannarisms are almost as bad)


i think da DONGAH iz well above da BUNI

if u compare RAPE pzzgz from both peniztz, da BUNI routinely reach zub-zero GAV-level m*zcality, while da DONGAH RAPE alwayz zeem to haff zum random purpoze n direction, DOG HEAD ZHAKE n all :sunglasses:

da TEMPO iz anotha on n off mofo, wiz RAW RAPE inztinctz combined wiz a unique zenze of moizt. diz mofo haz a chop e minah conc live rec (bettah den hiz tube vid tru) dat i cunzidah da #1 chop e minah evah. n no way u vil hear an interp lyk dat at da chopcomp in 100 yrz :whale:


all 3 make da zepp top-10 livin mofoz lizt 8)


ok ok, we need da zepp to pick out da top 3 DONGAH vids dem