Da DONGAH legendary nu releaze

HAHAHAHAHA da fuckin golddiggahz wtf :dong:


30 variations of tempi per variation it seems.


hahaha hu zhud play da GOLDBURGAHZ bettah ?

  • da :lib:
  • da :dong:

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Haha iz dat with a :lib: ziterape?

obviuzly :sunglasses:

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A libetta 1 day site rape vs. 18 years of private study and consultation from dongah? Def lib no competition.


Haha da :lib: prolly gets worse da mo he praxez.


[post removed by the CCP]

Ahahahah da incuntvenient truth iz dat da :lib: ziterape actually below DONGAH levelz, zimply becuz

Da :dong: haff zero free tym to learn any zheeyat outzide of cuntcertz, engagementz, UN mizzionz n CCP meetinz

Da :lib: zittin on hiz azz all day at home yet ztill only manage to play a zimilah amount of rep da DONGAH haff :stopwatch: :sunglasses:

I think da :lib: level of rep iz sumwut > dongah levelz tbh, cumplete chopgodz, random CZERNetz on da czernymofo channel, loads of pimp tranniez…

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Complete Chopin works, all the Beethoven sonatas, all the works of Handel…

I remember one year he played like 15 different programs including chop gods…

How good he played… well…

Ahahah da :dong: 40 cuncz zince age 25

Bazed on da :lib: rocky3 home rec I juz haff to zay: :sunglasses:

Otha zheeyat lyk da cumplete chopgodz tru dey uzed to be legendary benchmarkz of difficulty until da arrival of

zeppetz :sunglasses:


That’s a bit tru teen Lang have insane rep already late teens. Da lib maybe got Beethoven sons and chop gods down by early 20s was clearly a damn lazy hippie punk based on his memory in old age.

I think it’s more a matter da :lib: had a lot of sex in his 20s. Just sumwut giveth dat impression :sunglasses:

HAHAHAHA diiiiiiz :sunglasses:

Woh his finger be like not Alkan or Godowsky see you tomorrow.

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Lang Lang is a national treasure and long live President Xi! On to the next glorious 60 years of CCP accomplishments! The Chinese genome is simply superior and will take over the whole world! China is a blueprint for the future!



da :lib: cummah with zum nu pedal zpecial effect :sunglasses:

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Ahahaha when da DONGAH bring hiz A game

rhythm, colah, precizion

All legendary where it countz :sunglasses:

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