What kind of prison-gang-rape version is this sheeyat?

filestore.benzo.org/dasdc/Lang%2 … y.No2(divx.avi

(cut-n-paste whole URL–BBCode is not playing nice with me)

Is :dong: thinking himself so legendary now to make his own version? If this is a known arrangement by someone worthy (though I hate it), please let me know.

Also, does anyone know where the hell this is? It’s like he’s playing in some bombed-out concert hall that happens to be located in an enchanted forest. This isn’t an opera–you don’t get a fucking set decorator.

I have no more words…dizcusss…

Yeahh, I saw this performance a while back.

I remember I threw up a little in my mouth.

truly a disgrace… when longdong appeared I thought he was a breath of relatively fresh air, and now everytime I see something like this (which is often) I feel like strangling his pretentious popstar neck

i would just like to see, for once…lang lang finishing with the gestures that he makes, and then having a totally lukewarm applause afterward.

trite of me: yes
immature of me: yes
potentially satisfying: oh jeezuz

Satisfying indeed. :smiling_imp: :dong:

WTF…da guy must be so stressful.


Oh dear God. How incredibly unmusical.

I think I’ll have to reformat my hard drive - I feel soiled.

that’s some cold shit…

how does he get away with playing so badly - even his accuracy is quite rapidly going out the window…

It’s hard to believe he actually cut out all the not-banging parts. Holy shit. Lang Lang is officially a small pile of poo. And I agree with tompilk, I’ve seen him play MUCH better technically. He just gets worse and worse.

too many harsh commentz in tiz thread.


HOLY SHIT! I just rewatched this–check out 0:14 at the beginnning–there’s a flash of what looks like a red laser light for a second on the piano leg.

Maybe a sniper was positioned to take him out! We can dream…

:laughing: :dong:

“a virtuoso for the masses” I think is what he should be classed as. A showman… but his attempt to copy horowitz in repertoire etc. is futile. I wish he’d found his own way to the top…


:dong: > :ho:

:dong: > :pimp:

:dong: = 8)

precizely…u mofo.


i think what makes it unbearable for most of us is the fact that he’s so damn talented and musical… and it seems like all his stunts continually undermine any serious musical statements he makes