da ED FIZTAH caught on cam

check hiz otha vidz alzo :whale:

random bonuz cokklezz KAN -

Good to see a new generation taking a liking to Alkan.

haha da egyptian river ed, pozz da first mofo to get sick of da comme’s sheeyat? :comme:


haha fuckkkkk diz biatchz interp ratha gensui :dong:

yeah a babayan student here learned the Solo Concerto

which made me quite happy

I asked him about it and he (very) surprised that I even knew of the piece. I hope that Alkan gets more aknowledgement.

personally I’d go for the symph rather than the con mainly because the latter has a lot of empty calories.

I love the concerto cuz it’s a fucking cool piece, I’m not a huge fan of the material used in the symph but it’s probably a better piece of music. If only the concerto wouldn’t be so damn hard I’d probably think of learning it someday. My only problem with Alkan is that I can’t always take the cheesyness
and I’ve read through le Festin many times and it’s not that hard, it’s definitely doable by any good conservatory student. I’ve heard a rec from like 5 years ago of mr quite playing this piece, he obviously got a lot better :slight_smile:

that rec wuz an sd attempt fo da comme :stop:

haha tru? i guess the carmen vars were also from then

hahaha didn’t da comme introduce da :kan: to da ED 8)

I dun agree wiz da jake. tiz not a gud thing normal pianiztz play KAN. dey zhud let it to zupahvirtuosoz 8)

haha tru i zhud take credit :doc:

n da cg about comparin da 5 yr old rec wiz diz one iz da tech DECLINE :whale:

that’s what happens when you play too much alkan

not cause it’s not good for your technique, but because it kills so many brain cells that technique can no longer help you :doc: :doc: :doc:

Alkan is better off if anti-musical fake virtuosos like Hamelin leave his music alone.