da emoticonz

As you know, da SDC emoticonz are gensui, honoring da greatest disciplez of FURY, however I feel that there are some emoticons that are painfully lacking. For example:

da GILELS: even though dis penizt may be a bit flaccid in some of his ztudio recs (the late Beethoven zonz on DG and the Brahms concertos with Jochum come to mind), his live recs are nothing short of da APOTHEOSIS of fury. For example his live 1961 Liszt sonata and his live nigga zonz/concertos have some of the most fury ever heard on dis planet. And even some of his studio recs are mofo, such as the 1958 Brahms 2 with Reiner and the Beethoven 4 with Ludwig. GIVE DIS MOFO AN EMOTICON!!! 8)

da BRAHMS: tru his op.10 ballades and his late 88 pieces op.116-119 are mostly moizt and lack in FURY, but anybody who has heard his 2 piano concertos, as well his 1st and 4th symphonies will know that da BRAHMS is as much a mofo as da Brotha, that’s right, me :brotha: Also his Handel vars, Pag vars, rhapsodies, f minor zon etc are all examples of his FURIOUZ piano writing.

da BACH: although dis mofo’s works may not have the blatant romantic-style fury that da other rezpected composahs of da SDC carry, I believe he still deserves an emoticon as his music is a different style of fury. His music is pure, severe and extremely profound, not to mention dat anyone who can compose with such a mastery of da polyphonic style and da counterpoint is a mofo of da highest order. Just listen to any of da fugues from da WTC, da first voice startz with da fugue subject, immediately answered by a second voice a fifth higher…it is da most furious and badass composition style evah 8) He can even write a 5 voice fugue using only a 4 note fugue subject, massive respec!!! :doc: Not to mention dis mofo can also unleazh FURY from instruments other dan da 88: see da Chaconne in D minor for example.


:rectum: :ho: :rock: where is da gilels???

:brotha: :pimp: :rock: :chop: :kan: where is da BACH and da BRAHMZ???


tl;dr :comme:


randomly, I’m too lazy to make nu onez, but if zum mofoz submit piktures i vill add dem

if dey pazz da tezt 8)

we uzed to have bach emoticon… bach shadez 8)

You can lose da quote pozz

hahaha daim

fuck so far i can’t seem to figure out how to add new emotizheeyat, only edit already existing onez. Pozz zum1 could enlighten moi. 8)

edit : tru i googld sum sheeyat, apparently u need to firzt upload da image file to da phpbb image subfolder, which i dun think i haff accezz to



I don’t have the :zkep: one any more, but I still have the :ghey: image. You want it?

what was the :zkep: image anyways? i don’t remember.

haha zum1 needz to contact da highah powah if you guyz want nu emotizheeyat 8)

fuck getting new ones, heaps of the ones we already have are rarely used as it is:

:rudy: :kan: :zhreddah: :orgy: :jacko: :g: :god: :bar: :mule: :shrimp: :hatto:

My name is Mitt Romney and I support this message!

i iz fairly zho i am tha only miztah green uzah :mrgreen:

hahahaa da inzane Barere emotizheeyat