Da Fatty Shred the Feux Follets (again and thoughtfully? this time)

Da after a year off attempt. Not hugely worse. Dual tracking this and paget 2


This deep cut from years ago also kind of in the hands. But that not worth noodling out.

(1) December 19, 2020 - YouTube

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I got a practice session in on the octave section of paget 2 I’d been avoiding. This dun sound like much, but extreme way above FF level difficulty for combo of rapid shifts in direction and intervals, hands together an apart. just double fucks. Everybody sounds like shit here but Ho who doesn’t fake much as a reminder flex to the early Busoni fuckery in his rec.

Still some stutters in bars three and four but starting to move past faking in these knottier parts where Liszt fucks you with a 4th spazz leap. Reasonable chance of success so far

December 26, 2020 - YouTube


Hahah rezpek!!!

Randomly, is dat a GUITAR in da corner?
Rezpek diz deep keybed unleash.

Tru, sum of this octaves writing goes from “doable” to “elite rape” in 2 seconds

Randomly, dat digi handle all those rapes with ease

Yeah… its not bad. Though I might hack on it every couple weeks. I think regular full weight practice would put just about any digi in the shop.

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Every mofo is different.

Da Feux Follets is one RISKY fucker.

AHAHAHAH both zoundin wikidly!!

But juz

da early HO in diz zect, total retirement of da LH in key partz while unleazhin quazi-rape, zo DAYUM juz wtf did da BUZ do here to make da HO zound lyk a non-cheatin priztine mofo??? :sunglasses:

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da booz take all the hard parts out unless they sound particularly wikid. respek his ways even if they are suspect

Ahahahaha da BUZ call fo ROLL azziztance on any zheeyat hardah den da lezbo dream 3 :sunglasses:


Woh actually da ho only take the cheats on the super hard hand over hand rattle figure. The hard opening caendza seems like simplified by da Ho.

haha de busoni leave out da sweet meandering coda on number 2 - which is the best part by far.

F. Liszt - F. Busoni 6 Grandes Etudes de Paganini - YouTube

Haha da BUZ pretty much rewrote every piece that he touched. In the Paganini Etudes, Busoni did sum very minor “touch ups” to da simplified Liszt 1850’s version.

Busoni’s rewrites rarely actually simplify anything.

His DJ edition (Liszt on top, Busoni version on the bottom. Da :doc: played da Busoni addition in this spot)


Busoni suggest sum alternate methods of execution of da bitchy stuff like diz (Busoni rewrite on da bottom):


aww damn this simplified noodle kinda sound more like what ho play in old age casual run through of don juan parts. no sure tho.

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Ahahahaha diz DJ rewrite :whale:

even mo pointlezz den it iz zheeyat :sunglasses:

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Da boozoni averse to best parts of pieces for sure. da DONG-DA-da-DONG LH make the top Dong juan section go.


Datz rite!

Most of da Buz rewrites are sum kind of subtle flex, changing da textures imperceptibly without actually changing da difficulty, and always inferior to the Liszt original.