Da Fatty skims 400 Page AES book form Tool guy

WIll post things interesting in there.

So far.

High Freq Energy lost porportional to distance. Your tone radically different at 5 10 and 100 feet. Da ho’s bright ass piano likely sounded pretty full and cool mid back hall.

Proper live acoustic amplification scales treble boost to back of hall for live playback to compensate. Acoustic perfs do not.

Gotta listen loud to piano!

"In perceptual terms, the correlate of frequency is pitch. It is not a perfect relationship because most musical instruments radiate complex spectra and waveforms, not pure tones. The judgment of pitch is therefore somewhat dependent on the relationship of the fundamental frequency and the overtones. The common example of this is the piano, in which, because of insufficiently flexible strings, not all of the overtones are harmonically related to the fundamental. Consequently, “stretched” tuning is necessary to make the highest notes perceptually acceptable, and in smaller pianos, with shorter strings, this is required at low frequencies as well. Pitch is also dependent on sound level, with low notes sounding slightly lower and high notes slightly higher at increased volumes. The consequence of this to sound reproduction is obvious: the music itself changes with sound level, so a somewhat realistic playback level is a requirement if “realism” in all of its manifestations is the expectation.

Toole, Floyd E… Sound Reproduction (Audio Engineering Society Presents) (pp. 60-61). Taylor and Francis. Kindle Edition.

This why bass goes away when you turn volume down. perception thresholds are different. BUT IS STILL THERE. Fuck… this sorcery.

I was onto something in the time domain thing in my shit transfers. Any time alignment delay to a frequency component music more perceptible that other errors and the shifts actually cause new spurious freq informaiton.

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Yeah Da Ho lower frequencies are more apparent in those Carnegie bootlegs. Tiz tru

Bass notes also take longer to decay

First raw stab at correcting phase delay inherent to medium. There is sort of a mechnical slew effect in cutters that could cause a propogaton delay. Curious if the info is there to shift or isn’t and nothing to be done about it.

This sound good?

I complete this research and come away learning.

  1. Live performance will never be replaced by recs and playback.

End learning.