Da Festin replies to da pimpcomp

Well, sort of. I like dis rec of mine even though it’s probably too polite or perhaps colouristically limited. Studio so a few edits I know where the skeletons are :joy: and I did ten mins rape takes of da coda battering the daylights out of da 88 :slight_smile:

Anyway. Rezpek da TM and no rezpek for da jury mofos. Volume up to 11 :smiling_imp:

Pimp Rienzi studio.



Hahaha rezpek!!!

Dis anotha festin classic trans!
Man, whut 88 wuz diz recorded on? You get a big full sound out of it, it has a midsuzed (sic) Yamaha twang to it

It’s a 1984 (iirc) Hamburg D.

A bit brighter than normal for one tbh and not a piano for intimate playing imo. Luckily dis parasheeyat is bombastic as hell :pimp:

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Rezpec fo gettin in da FEZTIN zpirit :sunglasses::medal:

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