Da feztin unleazh a zlit clazzic

Tru, at a party, a schmaltzy ubermoizt film clazzic wiv added rapage.



da added ARPz (i vil juz azzume dey iz added tru 8) ) make diz a rathah

TITANIC interp


Hahaha, dere are rathah a lot of arpz in da original trans, but I did add sum more and extend a few othahs :stop:

Hahaha diz zong!!!

Randomly you are playing full force CONCERT HALL RECTAL mode at diz random party
Fuckin rezpek!


Hahahaha tru, it’s not every party which has a baby grand at it though :smiley:

I expected da

Contraband Hizpanic Zlit 8)

Or DJ!

Bit much for me… have played bits of da DJ at anothah party, tru, but no rec. My star trick at parties though wuz playing a lh only parasheeyat while drinking wine held in da rh 8)

Datz epic!

I always wanted to recreate da famous Scriabin party trick where he played his LH fantasy on da Blue Balls Daboob!

Man… I need to compose dat mofo 8)

I think the modern era version of lh tricks should be taking a phone call with the rh while playing a lh only piece during your own rectal!

Nice fleshy playin’! :slight_smile: Good sense of style, too.

Or filming your own left hand bee like da zepp did:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOxNPGUiFtA :approved: :bar: :fury:


tru 8)

Only 164 viewz :frowning:

Da Zepp need to hire da TM az managah



Sumthing like dis?



da BOB bel cunto LH entry lez c!!!

diz zingin tone ahahaha zmoooooth

randomly diz zeem lyk a gensui tranz, bettah moizt den half of da chop noctz tru!!

AHAHAHA zum zoulful FURY in da endin, a bit UNLEAZHED, REZPEC!! 8)

wiz a perf az inzanely wikid az diz, da only pozzible improvement would be to add

mo FURY in yo RH camwork :sunglasses:

ahahaha da zepp ztrategy:

wait fo da TRUMOFO to win da PIMPCOMP

den publizh da authoritative hiztory of DaSDC
n get every conzervatory to uze it az textbook fo da Hiztory of M*zic 101 clazz 8)

I didn’t hold back and tbh don’t think you should in pieces like this :rock: :ziff: :slight_smile:

Ahaha! Dere are sum very interesting parasheeyatz by dis obscure mofo - his Robbah da devil (for lh only, dedicated to da pimp) is inzane.

I should increase da GOFUCKME cash grab goal to 300k, bribe da jurahz, play my best n get honorable mention 8)