Da feztin zightrapez da pimp 1837 erotica

hahaha awezome fatniggaman!

Rezpek. I looked at the notes for no.2 and it’s an absolute bitch.


0’15 TO 0’22 diz part pozz da moz INZPIRED GENSUI in all of da 1837 GEz, harzhly rewritten into an eaziah but pozz harmonically mo intereztin zheeyat in da revizion :sunglasses:

Da wikid pure WTF scale!!!

Hilariously a chrom run wtf? :sunglasses:


ahahahaha diz zong muz haff looked INNOVATIVE AZ FUCK back in da day :pimp: :sunglasses:

Da texture is wikid, mannn, da unlimited :pimp: gensui to even imagine diz zheeyat!

I felt a little bad for fake shredding most of this but in hindsight this piece expertly constructed to withstand rape style missed notes and fury and still sound pretty badass. Liszt = genzui!!

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