Da feztin zightrapez da pimp 1837 erotica

I did promize diz piece of prime idiocy would be unleazhed if da extrememofo zhowed up on dasdc…

zo, rezpek to da extrememofo, and for cg value only, wiv sheeyat audio and in a curiozly darkened room, my zorry zlow azz prezentz da pimp erotica grandet :smiley:



da extended repeated chord zectz in diz give a TRU FUN-RAILZ VIBE, da PIMP evidently wanted to write hiz own napolean requiem to upztage da BROTHA :sunglasses:

fuckkkkkkk da clazzic central OCTO-FURY raw entry wiz no zetup in da 1837 verzion, a bit legendary CHILL-unleazh!! :cold_face:

ahahahah fuckkkkkkk da repeated zheeyatz returneth accumpanied by an epic


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Hahahaha da breathalyzah tezt!

I wuz conzidahing a zightrape of da KANPREUX in honah of da extrememofo, but perhapz dat iz azking too much :smiling_imp:

Pozz I vil continue diz 1837 zightrape zeriez. Da LAPD grandet lookz like a worthy opponent :laughing:


ahahahah TRU!! u iz already well equiped to take on all tube legendz in diz genre!!!

tru includin da CIMIRRO

if he evah decidez to ziterape

on VID :sunglasses:

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Thoroughly excellent sight rape!!! You should do more!!!

Ahaha, diz ziterape not exactly OGDONG level ziterape, but pozz moah vil follow!

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HAHAHAHA, tank u Festin fo da trib, yo!!! :clap::clap::clap::clap::raised_hands:

(It’z not gud, but nuttin u kan’t do widout sum hahdazz PRAX, yo)

An tanx fo zubzkribin 2 mah channel & twitta

Da Extrememofo iz ekztremely flattahd by yo devotion :smile::+1::+1:

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Hahaha I never claimed it wuz gud :smiley:

I’m sho it can improve ovah time, aftah all dat was on the baziz of aural memory of da original TE and looking at da score for about 5 mins.

Ma unplanned KANPREUX zightrape was no bettah :smiley: :grin: but I did get to da end without totally stopping.

Well, Ah tink Ah like da original TE bettah dan da revized verzheeyat, but da revized wun shod be playd faztah- which iz why A’m inkludin it in mah next album, pozz in da beginning of 2019 :smile::smile:
ztay tuned fo da releaze :crossed_fingers:

yeah mah octz were a bit cautiouz :blush:


da extreme kritty :rofl:

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How da FUCK did I miss this?!

Haha diz 88 authendick sound!!!

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Dat added sect at 5:15…

Ok, diz randomly better den da revised softcore erotica. Pozz…

Hahaha it is a bit of a mezz, tru…

But it iz a zightrape!

You have INZANE reading skills.

You could have fucked 2 lines at a time until you got each one rape-free
And glued it together into a finished :poop: and it still would haff been better den a Sapphic King (Lezbo da I)

Nah, I’m just good at approximating quasipimp textures as I go along :wink:

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Haha da approximate rape. As in… almost consensual?


Honeztly, cuz I zightrape juzt about everything before I learn it, it fucks up my accuracy in the long term.

I did horrify a mofo in a maztahclazz once when I zightraped bits of his BRApagetz…

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This got me looking through my books and sight raped one of the 1837. Damnn!!! Not for faint of heart!!!

Here is a best effort of a few three on the no 2 Though I’m honing some fake shred skillz doing this I gotta say


DA REPEATED NOTE motive in diz original version, daim

Ok, diz original rape iz… also pozz a bettah compo den da revised mofo.


Holy shit dude, dat keyboard full force rape, you might as well order a new one right fuckin now. Or two :sunglasses:

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