Da Frail Chop :chop: offendz young Zolange Zand 👧

HAHA diz actually zum rezpecable CG :sunglasses:

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Nohant, summer of 1842: The relations between George Sand and her daughter are not at their best. The girl tries to find comfort from Chopin.

1 Chopin: Solange, what happened?

2 Solange: Mum is naughty with me. She says I’m fat!

3 Chopin: Sol, don’t believe a word of it… Come close to me.

4 Chopin: Sol! Don’t sit on my lap! I’m fragile!

5 Solange: Oh, I’m fat! That’s what you think! You agree with my mother!
Chopin: Sol, I didn’t say that!

6 Chopin: Sorry sol… My poor legs have betrayed me.

7 :chop: mailz da :pimp: to azk for “help”


Hahaha da :chop: hard-on tech