da FREDDY zet anothah ztandard

in ztark contrazt to da zhameful tube commentz 8)

have they even heard the original march?
if anything, Freddy is right on tym here

It is quite obvious that Horowitz’s playing/tempo is lower than the real marching band (you hear this all the time during fourth of July and even Macy Parade)
Freddy’s rubato is quite horrendous though. But the overall tempo seems to be closer to the real deal.


And wtf happened with those thirds?

ahahah tru da orch make da HO zound lyk a lullaby 8)

:freddy: :comme: 8)

Da Ho claimed that the way the march most often is played by marching bands is way to fast. He said they had no idea how a march should sound like.

That performance is so unnecessary! Why did he bother with this? He doesn’t have anything to add here.

when does he ever?

ahahah i wud zay da freddy rhythm iz MUCH bettah den VOL/HO/LIB etc

wiz weakah perfz of diz i generally get imagez of

da polizh army in ww2

inztead of anyzheeyat US related 8)

I like this version best.

HAHAHA da swedizh Chef

“börk börk börk”

well… watching kempf play does make me think of going to learn it.

ahaha alzo check DIZ perf (from 2’35)

da epic zelf deztruction at 5’20, pozz anothah politikal ztatement/threat 8)

I agree with him.

Interesting recording.