Da :nigga: Furry Leaze - E or D?

A profound musicological discussion at the Henle website.
I’ve always played the E, but now I’m starting to haff serious doubts
Whut would you play, an E or a D?

  • E
  • D
  • Whutevah, da song remainz a bit sheeyat

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D is a bit more… subtle

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Gav called and says he think it’s c#?


Tiz a full LH smash of A-F

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it’s D time to order more E :salt::gav:

Hehe, I’m messing this up - I don’t know what I play but I’ll find out tonight

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Tru, why not jus smash both?
:hui: :princess:

Da Henle fingering a bit ghey

I play E, but D was really interesting. If you play the piece quickly and somewhat absentmindedly - as you typically hear it - I think D merely sounds like a wrong note. E is cleaner, and more taut. If you play the piece in a more relaxed manner however, slower and with more attention to sound than classical neatness (like I do), D fits right in. Indeed I think it sounds better. It adds to the dreamlike character and sounds more interesting. I’m surprised Beethoven wrote it however since I also think D sounds 20 years later.

I don’t dare to say if it’s Beethoven or Nohl who got it wrong, but at least until the MS turns up I wouldn’t correct the D.

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As I play the rh in double notes, I don’t think I can pass judgement :sunglasses::gav:

Never written it out and nowhere near an 88 atm, but from muscle memory I think I have preemptively solved it anyway by playing both notes!



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hahaha i alwayz thought it wuz e throughout but on tha very lazt one tiz d :lib:


Ahahaha da ROBBAH give a ztraight anzah n hilariouzly

Make perfect zenze :sunglasses:

Tru that’s a good idea :nigga:

What does Barry Cooper say about it? Whatever he says, the opposite will be the correct answer.


True, you see that in some editions.
Interestingly, the Nohl version that’s mentioned in the Henle link does the opposite: d throughout but only da first time e.

Truuu Rezpek da GODO style trans!!

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Da dongah zhowz uz da tru way



It’s all settled now :dong:


D iz fo Dongah :dong: