Da fury of cocoonz

True story: when living in Montréal a few years back, I befriended this barista Yuri @ “pourquoi pas” coffee and he was like “Oh you should talk to this other regular who comes in,” and the other regular was a young music student who was like, “Have you heard of Da SDC? It’s like… this online community for concert pianists who all talk pseudo-gangsta like Ali G.” I confirmed I had ('caz da tru zepp on YT - legendary shiz w/ da bezt fuckups). And we were both laughing, and I thought “What’re the chances I meet this guy by fluke?!”

Anyhow - cocoons is what I wanna share today. This is probably one of the few forumz online that would respect new ideaz on how to build tru effortless untutored virtuozo technikz n shiz.

I am a bona fide piano music nut who has personally communicated with a bunch of pianiztz

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hmmm ok daddy…



@da_zepp infamy :sunglasses:


you shared a full on dissertation daddy, wtf.


Dr.TM this is only the first half too, LOL

Just wait for:

[( scores = for posterity & royalty $ )]
[( lessons foment pseudoreading )]
[( reading ¬ necessary )]
[( music → technique )]

The feeling of sharing a full on mack daddy wtf-tier dizertation with the most hardcorde tru pianiztz n azpiring pianiztz is surreal

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