da G fingah indahpedence tezt


tru, da perfect game fo doze who wanna prax 4 voice fuguez wizout bein diztracted by m*zicality


:comme: :jacko: :zhreddah:

HAHAHAH fucking legendary difficulty 8)

moi tiz a bit raped by dis… 74 first try, I’m gonna go pound my head in with a hammer till it feels better…

Dayum thiz goez on mah daily exahcizez fo polypr0nic playing tru.

omg i got raped zoooooo hard :rock:

harzhly hardah on azery layout keyboard :chop:

agreed, i quit once it said “wasd” :dong:

haha fuck I sucked mazzively.

there’s a different mode for azerty, instructions are there!
268 :smiley:

Wow! It’s really tedious and tough!

thats what she said…

haha, wikid. anyone get beyond the space bar thingy? :gav:

ahahaha fuckkkkkkkkkkkk

u vil reach tru enlightenment wen u can play diz game while zpinning a pen on yo rh 8) :lib:

I don’t think there is a beyond the space bar thingy.

good, because I gave up at that point :doc:

…there’s a SPACEBAR thing?!? I couldn’t get past the wasd! :comme:

79, but i really need to study for my exams, damn these games

167 now, playing with cross hands helps randomly for me

i need to study for my ring des nibelungen exams, putting on the leitmotifs and naming them while playing this game adds an extra touch :lib:

this game is a tough enough

da zepp cummah to rape yo azz 8)

ahhahh diz excellent photoshop 8)