Da Gavinator

Dis mofo’s chopets recording is one of only 3 dat has da SDC’s official stamp of approval. His comedic genius is also unequalled. 8)

Personal quote: “…Teleportation or some crap…” (From da BBC’s WTC dvd)

hahahahahahaha, dat quote is fuckin wikid man

his speed ability is so wikid, dat when he goes slowly into da cadenza of da rach 3 - it sounds like time is standin still cuz we are used to goin so fast 8)

Da 25/11 by GAV is fucking amazing 8)
Starts really fucking slow, then he strikes with his unbelievable FURY


On da CD cover there’s a picture of GAV and he looks like a 3 years old boy who just learned his first notes hahaha

Hahahah Dor, your interpretation of da CD covah is quite genius. 8)

hahahaha, wtf??? i havent even seen dis mofo, i got da budget version 8)

I havne’t got the one with Cover neither.

we need pictoral evidence of dis sheeyat 8)

HAHAHAHA I wanna see dat too

the only sheeyat I saw was on da rectum dvd
da GAV looks like a pimp fo 2$ whores dere

hahaha, he apparently eats so much pussy - dat his mouth involuntarily puckers up - watch what he does man, in dat vid he even does it when da rectum is playin!


respec to da GAV and his wikid style

hahahahaha, dats it!!!


and in da first pic
respec to da shades 8)

haha, and respec da rectum fo showin da gav da ways of da SDC 8)

Da Mentoah and his Apprentice -da flaming torcha of da SDC is passed on from one legend to da next. Dese pix brought a tear to ma eye. RESPEC! 8)

dats rite, but dey brought a tear to ma eye cos of all da laughter of seen dat mofo gav pucker up - which he does all da fuckin time.

dat was from da fuckin 70s or some shit, hes still doin da puckerin shit today!

hahahahahahahahaaha, i think dis is da pic da ZEPP has been usin as his DP

rite zepp?

i see what he means now 8)

Hahaha, I must get this vinyl!

hahahahahahahahahahaha, dat expression on his face cant mean anythin but 'dayum , i forget to take da scissors off dis seat!


dat iz da most TRU MOFO look evahhhh. Da definitive shades pose, eclipsing even da Shrimp.