da GAZETTE numbah two

still no article about da PERFZ in diz sheeyat! GHEY!!

konkurs.chopin.pl/uploaded/c … eta_02.pdf

*da MT iz pOwned:

Does the program favor some player, for exemple, pianists who adhere to virtuosity?

You can get a full picture of what a candidate has to offer, primarily in terms of exprezsion


*one explanation:

(speakin of da jury) Quite frequently, they do not use the ear, but some other sense, as the artistic expression reaches “somewhere and somehow deeper” in the listener

hahahahaha FUCK da DEAF 90 yearz old jury
duz da MT still haff chance wiz hiz look only? :doc:

n da CG note
*Da Comme joined da comp :

We therefore never interrupt for purely humane reasons. I can tell you however, that once a candidate was responsible to interupt his own performance, whereas on on another occasion a candidate did not, even though he should have already done so after two measures.

REZPEC DA :comme: !


da MART comprehenzive summation

i iz enjoyin ma holiday in poland, wut can i say? 8)

MT passed to the next round. :slight_smile: