Da Google Cumposer

Due to some AI sheeyat, da Google will harmonize your tune in JS fashion.
Ezcept all of mine have sucked.


I was naughty enough to type in one of Bach’s own.

It sounded like a jazz arrangement!

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I tried Beethoven. I wonder if :nigga: ever thought of this solution when he was sketching?

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Not always, but generally I get more Bachian arrangements the more simple input I give. Kudos though, I’ve really tried to Schönberg-break this but it’s made all my attempts sound surprisingly tonal.

This one actually worked, although perhaps more C19th than Bach…

I was going to try the atonal route next…that’s annoying.

Oh, I didn’t notice the #/b buttons. With those it’ll be much easier to be Schönberg.

Hahaha I never knew it’d be this hard to be Schönberg. This is as far as I’ve managed to screw this up so far - my melody alone sounds completely atonal, but with the AI harmonization it sounds like a cute children’s song until the 3rd beat in bar 2.

Edit: oh, pic.


haha I’m impressed it interprets the Eb as a D#.

I tried an all tritone melody and ended up with almost the same thing - first 2 beats are dissonant, then the bloody thing misplays the Ab as an f# so I get a dmaj triad…


New plan, input genuine second viennese ‘tune’.

Bit of Berg.
No particularly dissonant, but atonal.

I wonder if it learns from me? Probably not, but I just tried Beethoven’s 5th sym and now it turned a perfectly tonal theme to something rather atonal sounding.

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