Da greatest TANNED HO evah: poll

lol tied with Friedman piano roll reproduced at 1.25x the recorded speed for best ever perf

worked through most of it.

Can’t spent much time on this until I finish the recs 10 days but yeah this will be on da next programs

How many Pimp Unrivaleds do you plan to record before you move one to someone else?

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til liszt gets defeated bro

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I don’t think I will stop with da Liszt series, but will pozz da 2 programs a year, one Liszt, one non-Liszt once these next few concerts + recs are done yeah. Scrib will get n eventual release too

luckily won’t “run out” of Liszt lol, plus can always go back and revisit older rep for live concert programs.
Life’s good.

Just like I won’t get every Lomo model but can get S1 Cooke and Baltarz

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