Da greatest TANNED HO evah: poll



  • :zif:
  • Fried :rice:
  • Moiztbitch
  • Hofmofo
  • :lola:

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Though if you’d had this one, it would have been my pick:


Oh fuck, I forgot about it :frowning:

Da Friedrice roll is epic… did it sound ANYTHING like that - live? Dat sheeyat is da REAL DEAL.

Best overall rec probably da Cziffra Hungarian studio rec

I like da Moiseiwitsch but dun like da simplifications he does in da climax, da octs tech was jus hiz weakness despite da otherwise great incredible technical arsenal. I also don’t like the simplifications in da Hofmann roll.

As for :lola: … are we sure datz not a fake spray tan?

Studio tan :stuck_out_tongue:

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Damn. Dat shit is CGI?

Plot twist: Lola is actually VOLODOS.

Lolados :dong:

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There we go!


Lola as a male:

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Even lola as a M looks artificial. Maybe @ElGordito can put da :zif: face on her bod in random tube vidz. Wud be very sexually cuntfusing.


Not confusing fo moi at all.



Tbf when lola iz 80 she will pozz look like da ziffwife

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:zif: (MT iz pretty fuckin epic tho)

I need to hear dat!

Da dude had unlimited dex by age 16.

Plus his memory feats with complete Chopin works + Beethoven Sonata cycle.

Damn. I wish my balls were as big as his asian balls. :redface:

:8ball: :8ball:

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what his nickname da Tingler?

I remember insane thirds, FF, and hammerklavier from his student era. Then he disappear.

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Nevah herd it

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