Da greatezt mofo ov da ZDC era

Hahaha yeah beware, I’m planning to post a lot more demos in future once I’ve purchased a Zepp-style or TM-style camera, for the purpose of further polluting DSDC, YT, Faecesbook and other unsocial media. :wink:


da zepp vil try hiz bezt to convert yo azz to

da WAY of da FURY 8)

Not sure what that means. :wink:
Not sure If I WANT to know, too. :wink:

“If you practiced your saber techniques as as much as you do your wit, you would rival Master Yoda as a swordsman.”

That’s funny.

Because I’ve always felt that behind the facade of provocative, funny “cumments” of Zeppy on this forum, using a strict code of lingo, there’s a very exact, mathematical mind.
And behind his clownesque playing (fooling around and changing the right and left hand), I feel again there’s mainly logic, it comes from an intelligent mind that values strict reasoning more than “fury”…
Am I right, Zepp?
I, on the other hand, consider myself mainly intuitive, impulsive and passionate.

Nothing is what it seems…


Hahaha zo bazically - truce?

Aiiight rezpek both u mofoz.
We iz all SDC brethren!

wtfff diz dizturbin conzpiracy theory :gav:

i can azzure u da zepp iz NOT a cold calculatin mofo in any facet of hiz lyf, n ezpecially NOT on da 88 8)

No disrespect meant, you mofo! And in fact, to fully succeed at da 88 you need BOTH pre-planned calculation, reasoning plus (raw) passion/spontaneity/ferocity IF the music demands it. :rectum:

On the other hand, he’s right about the Maths. :doc:


Haha da e60 pozz zaw diz juz befo reccin hiz KAN dizc

I await gensui inzpired FURY :kan::kangaroo:


Hahah da MART glaring omit :fr:

I zumhow zenze da MART been bidin hiz tym wiz hiz 88 prax n preparin to unleazh da moz inzane zheeyat in hiztory :sunglasses:


tru I’ll duel da winnah of da COMME-BRU duel :sunglasses:


Da @zkeptopotamuz in 3rd place

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ahahah da moz dizturbin pozt in diz thread

iz da PEARMOFO random pzycho-analyziz of da zepp

FUCK :sunglasses:


in caze da BRU win da COMME-BRU duel :sunglasses:

da SDC zhud pre-book

da MART vz BRU duel venue:


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Hahaha imagine a WIM vid of dat zong

Randomly I think da WOOD iz mah favorite penizt from dasdc, followed by da ROBBAH

But daTM pozzibly da mozt wtf da internet evah learned me

Someday, when da @xsdc document da trumofo a explain da different eras of dat mofo :doc:

:tm: :tm::tm:


Tru, da TM basically a mildly obsessive mofo

At first, there was the mofo phase. Then, came a mofo phase. And so it continued, with a mofo phase.