Da greatezt mofo ov da ZDC era


  • Da zkep
  • Da TM
  • Da Zepp
  • Da ROB
  • Da COMME
  • Da Jremond
  • Pianobear

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Don’t know about greatest, but you’re definitely the most hilarious mofo of the SDC era so you’ve got my vote

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I dun even know half those mofos.

Da Nor?

Also Mikey is pretty mofo too, even if he hasn’t posted any sheeyat here. Based on current membership and form, I’d have to go for da TM. I think da hung sung and darth wee could challenge for top tech if they had pursued piano professional, however.

I voted for da FEZTIN

Google translate doesn’t help here.


who iz da KATATE? diz a hidden legend unknown to moi 8)

I think he means KarateChopin, who is an excellent pianist.

ahahahah da WOOD iz bazically chill houze ARMENIAN 88 PROF level 8)

da TONY hath bazically been defeated by da TRUMOFO in a clazzic chaptah of SDC hiztory. tho he iz velcum to make a CUMBACK :sunglasses:

da BREN a bit of a CHILL legend randomly :sunglasses:

da ZHAGA HAHAHAHAH!!! zum one zeek out diz legend again!!! diz mofo lykly already da greatezt GULF PENIZT evah :sunglasses:

da NOR, ahahah 8)

tho da NOR did harzhly eliminate da TRUCOMME in a recent comp

az a JURAH :sunglasses:

alzo da e60 truuuu diz a clazzic SDC legend

tho da tiny handz pozz put a cap on hiz maximal FURY capacity 8)

I don’t know man, he can learn and perform da Kan concerto while working full time as a lawyer. That’s pretty mofo. I’ve met him irl and asked him about his small hands, he said he has that typical asian super flexibility. I remember seeing a prok 2 from da shaga somewhere, should check da tube for this mofo. I also forgot da fishing, who also played prok 2 and was a tru mofo.

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ahhh… I didn’t realize I was voting for piano skills!

ahahah in termz of 88 zkillz, da GREATEZT SDC PENIZT iz fo zhor da TRUMOFO, no cuntezt


da zepp voted fo


az da greatezt mofo, tru :comme: 8)

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but each n every mofo here iz MOFO in deir own unique way

n datz wutz great about da SDC tru :jacko: 8)

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Hahaha feel free to nominate mo mofoz - modz, please expand da poll options.

I also nominate ma ex 8)

Oh damn,

Voted for myself before seeing what was for. Not sure what that says about me Heh!

Best piano guy gottago with tru for the sub 4 min lisztness

Honorable mention to zepp for exploring new ways of interpreting and playing piano

Koji or da kinky?

Failing either of them, either TM or da zepp for his unique cuntributionz :smiley:

ahahahaha da penizm of da SDC can be defined into 3 main ztyleez, reprezented by da 3 mofoz wiz da moz zignificant membahz-n-recz zect prezence in recent tymz:

da TRUMOFO raw gensui comp winnah ztylee

da ZPONGE-BOB zmoooth aquadick fury ztylee

n da zepp pure rape ztylee (da FATMOFO haff alzo clearly maztahed diz ztylee ic 8))

dere iz alzo howevah, a 4th ztylee NOT ZANCTIONED by da SDC global committee on 88 playin, dat of:

da PEARMOFO non-fraud prof priztine demo perf ztylee

which iz a ztylee of penizm originatin from da 88ztreetz, wiz often dangerouz n corruptin influencez on imprezzionable young peniztz

zo mofoz, BEWARE 8)

Alzo, da KOJI (aka da Thrak) before he left truuuu

Fuck… I forgot da

Wundah aka Da Trugod juz won diz due to technicality - he wuz an SDC membah fo a day n thus wins da BEZT ZPEED DEMON FORUM penizt, tiedwiz da Iopa.


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