Da Greatezt Piano Workz ov all time

at da rizk ov zoundin 88ztreet…letz dizcuzz both wut we would called da objective ‘greatezt piano workz’ evah, da reazonz why dey iz da ‘greatezt’, and if dere iz any real practical relevance ov diz dizcuzzion at all

Alzo created diz poll to give a zumwut wide array ov legendary workz dat give a decent zurvey ov workz dat haf a concencuz ov bein among da ‘greatezt’

  • Medtner Night Wind
  • Rachmaninoff Sonata no1
  • Liszt Piano Sonata
  • Beethoven Op110
  • Alkan Symphonie for Solo Piano
  • Chopin Ballade no4
  • Bach Goldberg Variations
  • Schumann Fantasie
  • Brahms Op118
  • Scriabin Sonata 5
  • Prokofiev Sonata 8
  • Godowsky Passacaglia

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You forgot da ZNOREABJI, dat wud giff da authendick 88zt experience.

tru diz dizkuzzion wud haf mo relevants if u attached da :white_flag: next to each piece, thuz lettin uz fume our politikal grievanzez :zlit:

Edit: :us: and :cn: already with nothing to offer, so not so bad

I would actively avoid concerts featuring half these works. Probably means they are the best ones based on my questionable taste. : )


:zlit: : grand fant on killing zubhuman Ukrainian mofo cuntbanditz


No op 111?

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