Da greatezt ZDC penizt nick name of all time eva


  • Da Doc
  • Da Rectum
  • Da Dongah
  • Da Ho
  • Da Whale
  • Da Shrimp
  • Da Motel
  • Da Wolf Chick
  • Da Slit

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Hu? (or what)
What’s with da severe lack of number of options!

Da zlit!!!

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For a pianist maybe da whale, da cuda or da piranha (tru I like da water theme). Overall, it’s LAPD for Liszt TE12. That one courtesy of da Robbah.


Pozz da MOTEL too 8)

ahahahahaha da MOTEL diz zhud get mo votez tru

tho da zepp iz partial to da ZLIT

pozz da zexiezt SDC nick of all tym

fo da zexiezt SDC penizt circa 2000 :sunglasses:


Da Fuckwad, because teh remembrance of his nickname made me burst out in laughter when I met him last year. :whale:

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What happened to da slit? It’s hard to imagine she was ever attractive.

A Slit picture from 2000, not bad looking en face. Probably already looked horrendous en profil.


da fuckwad

dezpite hiz totally ghey penizm

ztill own da bezt rappah2 caddy evah


Dat slit pic!!!

It almost

Turned da TM straight! 8)

No tranny analysis?

hahahaha mannnn i vil alwayz fondly remembah tha MOTEL nick convo on tha MZN; tha ztory how i remembah wuz tha ZEPP tha :comme: tha MART and probably kritty n pozz danor and pozz tha jeff wer dizuczzin tha important mattah of whut tha nick cud be
pozzibl nickz being thrown around wuz “tha TRU TRU MOFO” 8) az well az zum random zuggeztion by mahbadzelf, zumthing along tha linez of “tha TRU MOFO GOEZ BACK TO THA FUTUAH”, “tha MARTY MCFLY” both harzhly zhot down :whale:

but then pozz tha comme wuz talking about “tha 8” or zumzheeyat becuz of hiz octz obv, and then it wuz a weird moment i opened mah browzah and tha ad on tha zide of my home page wuz fo tha “ZUPAH 8 MOTEL”
n tru i wuz lyk “tha ZUPAH 8!” and tha COMME vetoed it fo tha MOTEL, bazta :gav:

hahah haffin zaid all that i voted fo tha DONGAH in thiz poll :dong:


Present day.


REZPEC da ROBBAH prodigiouz memory n unpredicktable coda key change :sunglasses:

randomly diz make moi wundah wutevah happened to…

tha HITMAN 8)

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hahahah TRU tha HITMAN ultimat zhitzo 3 zingle tempo zero rubato interp nevah made it to tha tube buz zhorly zumone haz tha footage :orgy: :lib:

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You’ve lost me already from the outset here. Who’s tha HITMAN, da MOTEL and da Fuckwad??

I’ll do a rebel vote here. Da Genie! Heard it for the first time today, and instantly understood who it referred to. :mrgreen:

Motel = Grynyuk iirc

Genie suits him. Motel is Alexander Grynyuk. I actually have no idea who the others are, obviously some pianists from competitions back in the MSN days.

Genie, hu dat?

really? I know who it is, but don’t get the reference. Zumwun care to explain.