Da hardezt mofo I've ever played?

Certainly a very serious cuntendah.

I rate it az hardah than da :zif: trov, for example.

I put dis mofo on da tube in sheet muzic vid form as a Christmas type thing for my subzcribahz and might az well share it here, even if I’m fairly sure I’ve shared an audio only version previously. I alzo really like the parasheeyat for its cumbo of melancholy and virtuosity. The rec isn’t perfect even after the large number of takes I used when recording it :lezbo: but I’m pretty proud of it and it also represents a good point in time muzically for me.

For an sdc-appropriate MARTTRANZ, start from 6.48 :sunglasses:


dayum, mad rezpec! doze leapz luk tranzcendentally difficult toward da end

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Yes, the last 40s or so are an absolute fucker.

I gave up perfing dis in public because getting it close to accurate is insanely difficult.

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Hmmm I’d say the biggest fuckers I’ve done are “even harder” as they are well-known and done to death…

Pretty much ANY standard Chopin work (good luck making an impression unless you actually unzip your pants midway and put your cock on display)


Meph 1 (sooooo well known. You’re going up against the “top” mofos, keep your dick hard!)

I also put da SS-Pimp Big Mac into da “insane” category, there are so many different hard ass textures in there and any number of things can derail beyond recognition in a live unleash.

Da Scriabin 12 Etudes Op 8 was one motherfucker of a set too.

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I avoid dat izzue by refusing to play standard rep :lib:


u zight-CG da pimp-auber, pozz da hardezt?

Damn, Da mofo picks sum of Da most interesting themes in da whole opera

did newun do a zolid Otello? da zkep lyk dat piece, very furiouz


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Certainly very, very thick, it’s an “elite level” tranny right up there with da Tanned Ho and DJ

I also found Da Slit Contrabandcunt to be pretty damn insane, and it must sound effortless too.

That being said, with ultra standard rep, you have no excuses in presenting anything even SLIGHTLY sub par, it just makes working on those standard sheeyats an insane responsibility

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Daim, dat iz another wikid opera for sure.

… a waste of time


We haff different perzpectiffz, I know, but I truly won’t play a standard rep piece (other than for private amusement) unless I care deeply about it (eg deathfuck).

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Yeah, I’ve come to terms with never being able to make a legit “impression” with most standard stuff, because everyone already has a favorite rec etc.

BUT, I find it to be a valuable investment in terms of truly knowing the rep and being able to teach it (when I get there :dong: )

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When you’ve spent a lot of time with a piece, like you have with da METH, it makes sense, but I don’t like the way the muzic induztry encourages / coerces yet another PIMPZON / Waldo / Moonrape out of young peniztz out of sum kind of “tradition”.

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pozz da Alexey Zhor earz ringin!


Yeah, fair enough.

Plus there is stuff like da Op 111 where if you play it in a slightly personal way, you’re suddenly a heretic. Fuck that…

But Da hardest-to-please stuff imho is still da standard Chopin sheeyat. And maybe original Bach, because a random cunt will hate it because you don’t hum enough and played sum phrase too legato :fu:

Da insane quick and short trills in Da Bach Partita 5 were anal terrorism when I played it

Hmmm or picking any 1 fast Chopin Etude and presenting that as your only Etude in a live unleash.

A 10 second fuckup is suddenly a big percentage of the whole piece :dong: and instantly makes you eligible for fame on @da_zepp channel :sob:

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I would also add da Chopin Preludes 8, 12, 16 and 19 to da riskiest rapist list.

One tiny detail derails somewhere and you fucked up most of the piece, GREAT job! It was totally worth spending 2 hours a day on 90 seconds of music.

Like a herpes wart on a pussy… a tiny percentage of da total surface area but your cock is now staying away (I stay away from pussy in general)

You need lessons in making perfz rapeproof from a tru expert in da field :tractor: :princess:

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Tru, Da beauty of a “sloppy” approach to da 88 like Mark Hamburg is dat you’re playing messy enough to cover all fuckups anyway… it’s all uniformly sheeyat so you can just play and enjoy

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… and da moral appearz to be, paradicksically

the more you rape, the more rapeproof yo perf iz :sunglasses:

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@da_zepp was discussing diz around a decade ago tru

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