Da Ho carnigga debut was broadcast

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Damn… he such a coiled spring mofo then. Must have been insane

and smooth too. Probably slightly less clean than later stuff tho

I was listening to his Dohanyi etude when transferring it a bunch and there are parts he can’t really play cleanly all over the record, but it’s so insanely creative and cool, is one of best version still.

I can sense the years of Hanon and plaidy in Rach’s for example but much less cool.

much of the early stuff is not very clean because it is RISKY AF

Of today’s known pianists, who do you reckon plays most like the young Horowitz?

Hard to say…. It’s like saying a LOMO OKS lens is like a Cooke Panchro. Like, yeah hmmm ok but it’s not.

It’s like saying… Nagisa Mitsuki is a successor to Suzu Ichinose… except she’s not.

Ichinose is Ichinose… and Mitsuki is Mitsuki (sometimes spelled Misuki)

Weight transfer made everybody sound like they are swimming in mud next to old super greats who were willing to do everything they could physically to expand their tonal palette and textures.

In this regard nobody even try to be next ho, so no next ho.

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Yeah the “well-rounded” tonal aesthetic is making everyone sound pretty much the same.

It almost doesn’t matter because the main consumers of classical music have no problem with a Poon Brahms 1. Lol.

Oh, also, let’s play all the Beethoven Sonatas, chronologically, in ONE endless concert. Because… impressive.

Best we can do is lift the ass off the chair every 4 measures

When you facialize so much that you can’t stay together with the orch


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Cliburn finalist



Fake Turkish Dongah?

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Da genocide :sunglasses:


Da Turkey

Who is that?

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Poontreons and the people buying tickets at the Met for this:

Haha hmmm


Yuchan at 15 much better xD.

WTF, isn’t she embarassed for that? how??

also I wish everyone said carnigga hall, that would be so great


It’s a bit CG that she posted that clip

Maybe it was the LEAST fucked part of the Perf

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