Da HO POZTURE octz xperiment



Da trumofo zit down low az fuck due to lack ov a decent bench anywhere.

Diz accidentally rezults in extra speedy forearm only octz wiz no full armweight and no torso movements.

Fuckkk, no, I won’t play like diz but diz a bit wikid to try variouz postures n be able to play in zub-optimal conditions

Harshly da experiment was aborted wiz zumbody kicking moi out ov da room

hahahahahaha DAIM da TM weightgain


Tru, da TM diet is food from da dollar store and free day-old pizza at ma school.

Pozz 135 pounds right now but iz not a tall mofo. 8)

My cock got fatter too u mofo 8)

I’d rather be too low than too high. I find that too high really fucks up my oct speed and increases lots of tension.

Next time I’ll saw the piano stool legs to fit ahaha.

Da low seat sumhow forces you to play mo efficiently.

Wiz a higher bench, you can slam yo full weight down in da climax sectz tho 8)

Sumhow I think ur sound gets better when u sit a little low (level of elbows slightly unda da white keys level)

Becuz it becums a more close-contact, from da key, rather den da slam dunk from up high approach 8)

I wuz inspired by sum Cameldick vidz, dat mofo dun use upper body at all



REZPEC da fuckin TRUMOFO :gold: :gold: :gold:

AHAHAHAHAH n extra pointz fo da PROFANITY-IMPRO at 2’08

AHAHAHAHAHAHAH da booked prax-room, daiiiiiim dat mofo didn even wait fo u to unleazh da ENDIN OCT RUN, ZUCH DIZREZPEC in da face of zuch LEGENDARY PLAYIN :sunglasses:

Dat mofo is dating a really whorey Moldavian (or sum sheeyat) chick, she goes thru a dude in a fuckin semester n dumps dem.

So I wuz nice to da mofo 8)

Randomly, I need to explore da camel dick statue bod tech more, clearly it improves control and saves a ton of stamina…

Altho, on VID, it will look a bit boring…

Da Cameldick economy of motion a bit insane.
I will also attempt to incorporate his “chill” move sumtime 8)

I used a low bench position for years but eventually worked out a higher one suited me better.

Same here, I used to sit way lower

ahahaha da CAMELDICK chill-move bazically a top10 move of all tym man.

da TRUMOFO zhud juz rez-erect da PIMPZON n inzert diz move allovah, lyk in between every tranzition, n a 30sec pauze wiz juz diz move b4 da FUGUZ ztart, n pozz all da way thru da FUGUZ :sunglasses:

Haha da pimpson cud make m*zicological sense if it is preluded by da orage 8)

Joking aside, I enjoyed this perf

It was turgid and potent

In 2 weeks da official rec cummah

wrists too low fo da :ho:

Haha da zkep PhD level research

Ahahahah da zepp alzo tried da low zeatin move

I now haff Gmofo octs wiz HOinjap 10/8 level fingahwork :sunglasses:

Da low seatah move juz zumhow force you not to use yo full body weight n start sweatin like a fat fuck.

I randomly recommend to try da low ridah pozture for a few minz n den switch to da regular bench, trying to replicate dat same feel tru.

Ahahaha zo dat when u zwitch back to normal pozture, u gain an inzane amount of FURY from da zudden ease of mvmt tru?

da zepp wuz alwayz an attack-from-above kind of mofo. In a low zeat ma inztinct iz to raise da elbow above da head b4 commencin an attack :sunglasses: