da holy grail cummah!! debatably

fuckkkkk dongah da biznizmofo, tryin to cornah da market wiz da help of a zemi-porn ztar (heathah graham)

da zlit n freddy pozz face imminent bankruptcy

at 0’08 an epic zitereadin attempt

which u haff to wait til 1’15 to hear 8)

hahaha da graham/DONGAH

quazi melizza theuriau/debouze level wwtdd.com/wp-content/uploads … 501-16.jpg :dong: :dong: :dong:


bein a zuccezzful anchorbiatch, da melizza no doubt got uzed to havin a leg up

her azz 8) :comme:

LL first taste of success was with the complete etuces when he was like a tween… aint no sightreading!

ahaha diz bonuz homelezz unleazh 8)


wait a sec, is LL actually sitting still through most of the student perf?

hahahahaha 0:23 :dong:


just 1 facial… da Dongah gives sum hope of maturing in style and make gud use of da skillz, not like others (aka. crazy korean biatch)

tru! diz iz almoz enjoyable :slight_smile: (still very diztazteful)

and he’s not playing it with an orange, also a plus.

Lang lang should quite piano and start a marketing firm… His playing has phrasing akin to the false moans of a street prostitute at its best. I wish Richter has lived long enough to curb stomp his basketball head.

:rectum: :dong: :approved:



man, Da 10/2 is pretty wikid, gud rhythm and very even tru!