This year, I would like to attend, if possible, some Summer courses in Europe, so i’ve been gathering many websites with different Courses in different countries, mostly Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria.

To my surprise, there are A LOT of stuffs and every week i found more so i decided to post to da SDC membahz the links i’ve bookmarked.

Don’t spread it like plague in pianostreet or PW please…

I post it here because it would be nice to have a discussion about Teachers, certains Masterclasses, past experiencies, etc…


  • gijonpiano.com/
    highlights: Marc Durand, Mcdonald, Martin, Weber. I predict high level applicants.

  • fundacioneutherpe.com/inicio.htm
    Just found it. Only one teacher. DA BEAN 8 ) this looks like a fucking legendary course for piano concertos, obligatory pieces.



  • accademiadicagliari.com
    highlights: Fabio Bidini
    seems quite cheap, includes practice room, acomodation and shuttle from/to Airport








  • hexagone.net/music/academy_nice.htm
    Very high level in Nice, but pricey (i dno what the standards are though). Krainev, Yablonskaya, Beroff, Rogé, Entremont, … JanH has gone here 2 years in a row, Krainev and Yablonskaya and said it was amazing.


Randomly, my teacher (Jan Vermeulen, perhaps some of you know him, he’s mainly a pianofortist now but recorded all the Heller studies which is probably his best known rec now heh) and another Belgian teacher (Andre De Groote) are giving masterclasses as well at my conservatory. They don’t have a site yet though, but it’s a great masterclass, very chill. But I’m not going :stuck_out_tongue:

ANd fuck those masterclasses in Holland are tempting but pozz impozz tru :lib:. great topic mofo

i forgot this one…



organized by Pascal Devoyon, mostly people form CNSM.

sum thread resurrection tru :stop:

I know two people who got an invitation for those Holland music sessions, and I know a lot of people who went there. It isn’t impossible, I think :stuck_out_tongue: .


anyone going anywhere and have anything they can recommend? i might go somewhere this summer, just dno where

hahaha da revival.

so far, im doing Banff on July, Gijon Aug, and Montepulciano in Italy with Luchessini. Last one its free of cost for me due to some scholarship sheeyat.

I wanna add something else but i dunno… anyone doing any stuff in summer in europe?

I’m going to New York at the end of da month to catch sum jazz showz n get hammered, doez it count?


Haha, i’m going to NY beginning of sept, but not for piano sheeyat 8)

epic bump

i just got back from mozarteum summer course (not attending, a friend of mine was and we just dropped her off)

checked some classes, interesting shit, i wanna do this next year :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of doing the Moscow Con summer course next year, although it’s pretty fucking expensive.
Anyone have any experience with that?


So i’m gonna do this shit this summer, any recommendations on the teachers? I hardly know any names there. Followed some of Merlet’s classes last year which was quite interesting

Andrzej Jasinski was Zimerman’s teacher so I would definitely snap dat up.

Apparently Aquiles Delle Vigne studied with DA ZIFF, anyone know more about him?

haha diz forgotten NOR thread

tru 8)

u have any thoughts on the teachers there? since ur way more knowledgeable about the euro scene i presume. atm i’m thinking of going to merlet (for ravel and chopin)