Da :pimp: Hung Rappahz

Haha da gensui ov da NAXOZ zeriez iz da PIMP wrote lyk 5 different verzionz ov each piece

zo nu wikid peniztz can cummah n do zum gensui rep in random verzion

lyk da BAL 2 original ending etc

Da original pimpzon ending :sunglasses::dong:

Hahah tru da TM zhud cuntact naxoz n learn dat ending fo deir premiere rec :sunglasses:

Actually a LEGIT career zuggeztion fo da @Dr.TM

Inveztigate wut ‘alternative verzionz’ dey haf ztill not done and learn dem den boozt yo career az a :pimp: zpecializt n get yo name known among da world ov PIMP ccollectahz tru

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Ahahahaha da zepp zumwut prefah da 3 n 8 ovah da mo well-known rappahz :sunglasses:

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Cziffra stereo as a set, individual ones by Horowitz.

The greatest single performance of a Hungarian Rhapsody is by Bugs Bunny.

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aka Jakob Gimpel?



Haha mannnn diz rec

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Randomly, if we had to assemble a compilation of different pianists playing the whole set (like so), which ones need to be in there?

For me:

6 Early Argerich
9 Gilels
10 Freire
12 Barere
13 Busoni
15 Volodos / Horowitz

Spanish Rhapsody: Barere

Wild on 4, Kocsis on 5, 3 did gekic do this good? 1 Cziffra

…I’m usually good at this, but I honestly don’t remember which recs I prefer of these. The only ones I’m reasonably confident in are:

8. Cziffra
13. Horowitz
17. Richter
Spanish: Hough

My first port of call for any others would always be Cziffra, but I know he wouldn’t win all of them.

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#2 Rach, Friedman, Moiseiwitsch

Fo #6 - Gilels, Motel, Horowitz live 1947 and one of the live Cziffra versions
#3 Cameldick early vid
#9 live Berman
#10 early Ginsburg
#12 - Gieseking n Barere
#19 early Cziffra


gud find haffnt heard it forevah :zif: :mrgreen:

iizc ther wuz alzo a rec of tha 10th in thiz zame rec zezzion

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fo #2 old man ziff in tha 80’z live iz tha bezt fo mah earz :doc:
i forget tha zpecific perf but tha COMME knowz thiz one az well :dong:

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Agree with most of the above. Would add Cliburn in n.12

not ma fav perf ov diz piece but az alwayz da PLATE bringah a gensui unique approach

How has the oragemofo not tubed any of these sheeyatz!

I think it’s Cliburn for me as well, but that’s maybe the Rhapsody with toughest competition of all. Loads of pianists have played it very well indeed.

10, 11, 12 for me
After listening to dis CORPZE in his prime, one may change opinion about him having lack of tech/precision


Chris Brown - if only because the joke had to be made.

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