Da :pimp: Hung Rappahz

Tru a thread dedicated to deze maztapiecez

Which are yo favz, which are da eaziezt n hardezt

N which recz fo each are yo favz? :zif:

8 & 9

Cziffra/Stereo in 8

9 is much harder… maybe Joe Villa

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My anzwer is whatever da intended tempoz rezearch iz.

9 hardezt

3 eaziezt

zimple tru

Favez 5 (easiest), 9 (hardest), 11, 13.

Best overall set: no surprises there :zif:


Which are the contenders? I remember Szidon has a highly praised set, but I don’t remember me going bananas over it.

It’s far more “correct” than da Ziff, but that sort of goes without saying. Must admit I’ve not heard da Lezbo set, and I have no plans to rectify that situation.

The :zif: set is one of those things which is going to polarise. Did a French critic not say something like “if this is how you play :pimp:, you should kill yourself” of the later selected HRz rec?


Yeah my fav is Ziff/Stereo too.

One I like which definitely is more correct & civilized is Misha Dichter, but I don’t recall if he recorded all 19.

I don’t think you’re missing anything with Howard.

I honestly do feel that way with some of Ziff’s playing, but not in the rhapsodies. If there’s one place his approach is appropriate it is there.


Would it be harsh and cynical to observe that my favourite thing he’s done is… um, Google “Leslie Howard road rage” :tmfury:

Hahaha I wud argue da oppozite :sunglasses:

Da Rappahz are da archetypal example ov notated improv, dey are maztapiecez ov deir kind

Dey iz actually zheeyat muzik if NOT played in dat way

Dere iz a lot ov muzik dat can ztill zound good when played ‘zmooth n ztraight’ but not da rappahz

da One zumwut exception iz da DOC where hiz zmooth gensui iz done wiz zuch elegance n panache dat itz alzo wikid tru

I keep debating with myself whether his series is a good thing or not. I’m happy to have it, but at the same time I fear it’s scared more people away from Liszt than it’s attracted.

That said, while I don’t think any of it is “good”, there are quite a number of pieces which have been played or recorded by others where I still prefer Howard.

There are a few pieces where I do legitimately like his playing, but of course much of it is a bit dull. It’s certainly useful that it exists, and it goes without saying that for one person to have done all of it is quite a remarkable feat, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the Naxos series ends up being a superior totality.

Wut about da Wolfgang Wellah cumplete zeriez? :sunglasses:

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On 300 CDs or some similar sheeyat? :dong::wim:

Da Naxos series has sum good peniztz. Dossin and prime Cameldick, for example.

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Long ago though, it’s been years since I was last excited by one of their volumes.

I suppose one of the problems with a complete :pimp: series is that most of the stuff most people actively want to hear gets done earlier and then there’s a lot of super obscure stuff almost nobody is terribly fussed over.

Yeah I’ve thought about that too. We’ll see how far it goes.

Overall I wish Hyperion had divided their series among their pianists though. I would have loved to see Demidenko, Hough, Hamelin etc take part - plus whatever other talent they might have found similarly to how Naxos have run their series - to lift some of the burden off Howard.

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But maybe it was kinda da Lezbo’z life ambition? You can totally understand having that as a goal.

Talking of Naxos, Jando is of course another HR set.

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