dis fuckin label commands respec

dey have da most wikid sound and da artists dey use r just…da fuckin top SDs of today

da semirudy

da streets of rage

da houghmeistah

and ofcuz da doc

not to mention da fuckin lesbo - with well over 100 cds worth of hardcore lesbo action

respec dem!!!


also on dier site dey have some hilariously wikid review quotes -

da doc surely requested dis 1 to be quoted himself -

‘These are among the most poetic readings you will find by anyone. The tone is beautiful, the phrases long and songful, the drama passionate. This disc whets one’s appetite for more mainstream masterpieces from the world’s fastest fingers’ (The Capital Times)

nuff said 8)

amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/de … 2?v=glance

also check dis fo a random dre reference 8)

I’ve learned something about Marc-Andre Hamelin by listening to this set. I came to this music having pigeon-holed Hamelin as the most super-humanly gifted technical pianist I’ve heard in fifty years of loving classical piano music–and little else. I was right about his technique, but I could hardly have been more mistaken about his musicianship. I’ve come to love this music so much that I now have four complete sets of Medtner’s Sonatas. Three of them only serve to illuminate Hamelin’s mastery of enormous structural difficulties, his understated but compelling poetry, and his absolute dedication to music that demands no less. Yes, his technique is uncannily fleet-fingered, but just as impressive is his ability to unravel and bring absolute clarity to complex textures. He is one of our true masters of the piano, and this music is far, far too wonderful to be as little known as it is. If you love great piano music, and great piano playing, buy this set before it is no longer available: it is one of the real treasures of recorded piano music

mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, dis is emotional sheeyat, da doc wud be proud

You forgot da Osborne and da Ian Hobbit 8)

Da Hobbit even unleashed a random chop-god disc.

ha\hahahaahahahahaa, respec