da ideal program

Nice to see me on your list SteinwayModelD. Here’s my own modest little program:

First half: Chopin Etudes selection

Op10-1, which i’ll play faster than Argerich
Op10-4, which i’ll play faster than Gavrilov
Op10-12, which i’ll play louder than Cziffra
Op25-2, which i’ll play with BOTH hand octaves, faster than the original tempo.
Op25-4, which i’ll play with left hand alone, Arppegiating every 2nd beat so fast you’d think it’s a solid chord.
Op25-6, which i’ll play in tenth instead of thirds
Op25-8, which i’ll play with my palms facing up
Op25-10, which i’ll play with 2 added elbow octaves
Op25-11, which i’ll play such velocity my fingers would travel back in time.


2nd half: I might wake up.

obviously, only a tru fuckin’ legend can cum up wit sumthing dat genius.


dats rite 8)

da second half haff to be breath taking



cut da emotional sheeeyat, and make yo own program 8)

i think da gibbonataur already did it 8)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA yo countryman stole da show from rite undah u. how do u feel? 8)

wtf iz dis thread ?

:laughing: 8)