da inevitable comparison

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If you are trying to argue that there is no point comparing them simply because Hamelin is a couple of decades older, then I think you are mistaken: they nevertheless make for interesting comparison. Leaving aside their relative ages, their careers so far have seemed diametrically opposed: LL is backed by a big-budget high-profile music corporation, while Hamelin records exclusively for independent label Hyperion; MAH is known for his breadth of repertoire and is allowed to take risks by recording “niche” composers, while LL (as is typical of DG/Universal these days) has been restricted to the stuff that sells - Rachmaninov, Tchaikovsky, and so on, which also immediately sets him up against the pianistic greats of today and yesterday - a tough job for any performer. MAH in person and in interview is supremely modest, charming, humorous and intelligent; Lang Lang has so far seemed only arrogant, condescending (particularly to the likes of Yundi Li), and musically gauche. Net result: Lang Lang may be better known to the man on the street, but Hamelin commands infinitely greater respect.


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