da INFERNO gainz mah respec

pianoworld.com/ubb/ubb/ultim … /6681.html

hahaha, i thought dis mofo waz a mediocre demon till now -

read dis

AndrewG sez-
‘Long time ago I was lucky to see Ashkenazy warming up on the piano. He went through quite a few scales in double third and sixths with jaw dropping velocity and silky evenness. He did that non-stop for over 20 minutes. That’s breath-taking virtuosity. Believe me that was really a treat!! This is itself some sort of a recital to me…’

DAYUM, dis andyG commandz mah respec too - an invitation iz in ordah

btw - da name INFERNO iz da natural result of da 1st 3 lettahz oh hiz name - ASH

hahahaha DAYUM

a wikid name 8)

Yeah, Ashkenazy is very renowned for his double-3rds technique. Some even say he has a bettah double-3rds tech. than Josef Lhevinne.

da doc haz da best

and ziff iz bettah den da lever

Respect fo da insult



da RUDY would dispute dat. az would da thrac 8)

datz massdebatable