da influential dongah

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I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. It’s funny but the joke’s on us.

da fingerpaint on his fingers, jeez :confused:

:dong: “u cant zee me”

hancock is kind of a moron, this has nothing to do with his skills as a jazz pianist

yeah, it’s like they couldn’t find any classical musician to say something positive about him so they got a jazz guy who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

I bet Lang Lang was looking for the first opportunity to inflict that damn Liszt 2nd Hungarian Rhapsody on the poor guy. I bet Hancock didnt even get a chance to finish he sentence.

Sooooo, what shall we do about this Rhapsody in Bl…

When I met him he was a right ass. Photos were banned by the bouncers surrounding him. When I reached him in the queue, he grabbed my score, scribbled on the cover and shoved it to the side, not a word or even eye contact. Sure I told that story here before somewhere.

I bet it was the Horowitz version too heh. I don’t know why you’d waste your money seeing him personally.

one word: douchebag

I thought I would give him a chance live. He kept coming and playing encores over an over and over. Even when people were getting up and leaving. The applause had practically stopped and he came back on. One of the encores he played was the Chopin Op.10, No.3 which made me feel nautious. I started to fall asleep in the slow movement of the Chopin 3rd Sonata.
Cant believe he got ANOTHER televised proms concert this year.

I know I’ll get killed for saying this, but I went to see LL a month or so ago and I was actually impressed, in comparison to what I expected. The Chopin polonaise op.53 was sacrilege, but I have to admit I enjoyed his bartok sonata and his debussy wasn’t all that bad. He was really nice when I met him - he personalised the autograph and made an effort to talk to me for a while…
I have to admit I was still starstruck, but then again I would be if I met David Beckham and I hate football…

the small clip in youtube where he appears raping da barkson for a few secs, is enough to make me believe that it was actually an horrible performance the one you just attended.

I dont even want to imagine what he did with the octz in the central part of the polonaise… :dong: :dong: :dong:

Lang Lang’s interpretation of the op53 Polonaise on a German TV Show:


It’s awfully bad :frowning:

a 2’52 interpr 8) :stop: 8)

hahaha da zcale zhow off

He took a forbidden shortcut! :slight_smile:

PS: Not to forget the FRENCH composer.

If you want to listen to his proper version, plus the rest of his current programme, it’s here:




Hm, nice smileys here…but where is Volodos, etc? :ho: