i iz finally attemping diz piece. So i made diz thread to discuzz sum aspects and receive opinions and whatever sheeyat that is related to.

so any fav recs mofos? any perf hint? or experience to share?

peace :pimp:

tru i learned it for my exam recital and have played it 3-4 times in concert since. Its the greatest piece of music ive ever played, the more you dig into it the better it gets. Technically its not so hard, but its important to have well thought through the musical ideas before you play, and be sure to analyse form, harmony and all that sheeyat 8)

A great book that i recommend is one by Kenneth Hamilton simply called Liszt: Sonata in B minor. Also, i think someone here wrote a pretty good paper on it wich ive actually kept 8)

Good recs are of course Gilels, with multiple great recordings, the legendary HO rec, Lazar Berman rec and (dont kill me) the Pogorelich rec. Also my teacher has a rec of it wich is fantastic. Many like Richter, but his recs (that ive heard) never gave me much.

Its also good to know that this work is simply a perfect composition, and once youve learned it youll never regret it :dong: :doc:

If you have any questions just shoot and ill try to answer 8)

well, your interp will depend on how you see the piece - having the gravitas of a late beethoven sonata or it being more of a fantasy-like showpiece. sadly most mofos play it like the latter, and while that can highlight the demonic qualities of the work it also can make it shallow

technically tiz not too bad, it’s just a bitch to hold together. pozz the dante sonata is harder technically? there are only a few octave licks in the sonata, but in dante you’re playing octz the whole time ad it can get tiring

anyway good luck, and post a rec you fuckah, we haven’t heard anything new from you in a long time :smiley:

also, read da alan walker book “da weimar yearz” to get an idea of the context of the piece

i like Zim rec.

does da BRen have a personal FAv?

Actually of what i have done til now, i would say i have a difficult time playing the first long octz passages clean,. Its so easy to miss a couple or more of the almost 50 octz. Also the passage near the end of the fist “mvnt” where you have this op.10no.4-like runs in the left hand going down is not yet sounding good… The rest its comfy

my english grammar sucks tru

Random faves:

Levy (live '56)
:ho: ('32), (live from Cleveland, 1976)–the recently released one from '49 has the same weird cut that I remember, unfortunately.
Bolet (live '74)
Gilels (live '61 and '70)
Katsaris (live '72)
Anda ('55)

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I think Barere might be my favourite rec.

ho '32, pogo studio, and argerich for me

edit: on and natural rectum’s

ahaha i dun really lizten to thiz piece that often but mah fav rec wud be tha WEIZZMEIZTAH poztd by tha :wood: a while back :gav:

fuckin zolid interp

hmm, it’s hard to pick a favorite rec of this piece, as it’s hard to pick a favorite rec of the schumann fantasy. everyone hears it so differently, yet any of the gilels takes usually do it for me. pozz, he goes for the weighty approach and plays everything 5-10% slower than usual but still manages to create mad excitement through rhythmic and harmonic tension.

i’m also really into the goerner recently posted by chris

da ETUDEZ will provide zum 140 recordingz for da NOR if needed.

probably i will play a little bit before listening others, but thanks man, i will consider it

Any one have the listing and cover for Bolet’s Liszt Recital on AS DISC?

Here are a few more that might have gone under the radar:

John Ogdon’s later live Moscow performance is incredible (video on youtube), such a fantastic Lisztian, and even after he came back from illness he was capable of greatness…it could have been even MORE legendary if he didn’t have to keep his glasses from slipping off every minute…I guess they didn’t teach that in conservatory! :slight_smile: There is a live Ogdon Dante from the 80s that is completely unbuttoned, perhaps the most demonic Liszt performance on record, the dude was literally fighting his own demons on stage while playing. Or he was just finally fed up with his glasses slipping off…

Another one that maybe got dismissed as being a duplicate but is actually quite new is the Horowitz from St Louis in the most recent big live box on Sony, which is mostly different from the official recording previously released (it was actually a patchwork of the live performance and the rehearsal)…but this untouched live performance in the box has a number of more extreme moments than what appeared in the regular release, kind of a mad scientist version filled with color and moments of raw electricity in the octaves and fortissimi.

David Wilde’s recording is also quite interesting, better than Earl’s! I’ve been impressed with this pianist. Huge dynamic range and contrasts but with a late-Liszt style, original interpretation.

Yes, John Ogdon’s Liszt was wikid particularly the Dante sonata.
Incidentally, Debargue had the same issues with his glasses when I saw him play the Liszt sonata.

Maybe that’s why he has had his technical issues, too much distraction! :slight_smile:

It will be interesting to see how he’s getting on when I see him play next.
He does actually have a naturally big tech, just not so practised since he’s come back to piano relatively recently.