da jazon ztatham unleazh da chop erotica octz

AHAHAHAHAHA tru u juz noe tiz gonna be :gold:

if u iz at all familiah wiz diz mofoz previouz work:

:whale: :whale: :dong: :lib: :brotha:

wow! unbelievable!

Impressive, and way better than that horrible Prokofiev, but still pretty lumberjack-like playing.

Not good, imo. There’s no conceivable reason for the octaves to be played that quickly. It’s not at all musical.

horrible… he should stick to Czerny and stuffs like Alkan Estudes.

haha tru, this is a perfect pianist for alkan

AHAHAHAHAHA randomly i juz compared wiz da ZIFF clazzic :brotha: n :doc: vid,

tymz on da main zec:

23secz fo both

da ZIFF tech/endurance clearly da zuperiah but nevahdalezz, rezpec to da ZTATHAM :stop:

youtube.com/watch?v=_WYQW_As … re=related

da tm fave, randomly.