da jemboy

his piano and guitar vids speak fo demsevles

note specially da one where he plays guitar wit shades on


Although he chose unwisely to challenge da Gav in da mm4, falling 20seconds short. 8)


hes sstill a mofo

hahaha, i feel ashamed

yes gav 2"25,me 2"41 but i’m just 22years old probably in the futur i can play 2"25 or 2"20…

The Jemboy

hahahahahaha da GAV juzt had hiz ass handed to him on a plate by da 14yr old LEGEND -da SHAGA.

goto da SDC memba recz section to find hiz rec in 2’13 wit rubato 8)

da jemboy haz a challengah on hiz handz

i post new piano vidéo on my website


“Alla Turca”


“when da Soggy played da Rach 3 at 13 n didnt match da ORGYz speed did he say ‘oh, im only i kid, i cant play dat fast’ ?”

i dun think so