Da Jozh Wright

DIz mofo haf a good teachin channel

I enjoy da interviewz wiz otha teachaz about da approachez dey take

I iz watchin diz 1 now, da Graham Fitch fo zhor a really good teacher n I lyk hiz ideaz regardin ‘fazt prax’ in ‘chunkz’ and not bein hung up on zlow prax all da tym


watched diz today, iz good ideaz!


Daim a nu member?

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fuck how did I not know about dis awesome animation Salad Fingers? Respekt

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Hahaha tru da old skool creepy cartoon


Hahah diz da Jozh Wright himzelf? :sunglasses:


ya, a bit nervous in da prezence of such elite MOFOS tho :skull:

nah but we studied wiz da same teacher way back like 20 yearz ago.

Part 2

SABC defamation and settlement[edit]

In June and July 2008, the television show SABC Special Assignment [4] aired two programs which made unsubstantiated[5] allegations that Fitch had had sex with under-age boys and had told colleagues that he was a crack addict.[6][7][8] In response to the broadcast, Fitch filed a complaint with the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA) alleging defamation.[9] In April 2009, the BCCSA agreed with Fitch, finding that the programmes were defamatory and that SABC had been negligent in broadcasting them,[7] concluding that it was an “unfair trial by the media” and that Fitch had been “degraded to the status of the hunted.” The commission ruled that “the truth of the allegations was not sufficiently substantiated and that, as such, the allegations and claims would not be acceptable in a court of law.” [5] SABC was fined 30,000 Rand for the first episode and 50,000 Rand for the second episode. At the time, this was the largest fine ever levied by the commission.[10]


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Ahahahaha da BITCH :plate_with_cutlery::syringe::pill::snowflake:


HAhahaha wutz da true ztory behind all dat inzanity?!

Wish I knew :stuck_out_tongue:

If my former zenzei wuz still alive, I’d ask him, as he’d probably know, AND delight in sharing. I still remember one week where da maztahclazzez seemed to contain a series of random outingz :joy:

Hahah da whole ‘no zmoke wizout fire’ zheeyat make u wundah wut da fuck da reazon fo dem airin da zheeyat wuz in da firzt place

I don’t necezzarily noe wut to think or believe eitha way but I lyk da guy az a teacha and article writah.

Tiz a zhame dat when u look him up pretty much half ov hiz wiki article iz about diz zheeyat.

Pozz search da PAZE’z twittah fo mentions of dis mofo? Da Paze haff dun a lot of campaign work exposing dis kinda sheeyat.