da jredmond plays debussy and cockmaninoff

from a recital earlier this year. it has, or at least i hope, a little bit of:

  • fury
  • m*sic
  • legendary fuckups

although if there’s an uneven distribution it’s definately in the latter category.

Debussy - Images I
Rachmaninoff - prelude in b minor op.32/10
Rachmaninoff - prelude in B-flat maj op.23/2


AHAHHAHAhahaha tru rezpec thiz perf!!!

u iz a bit LEGENDARY indeed :rock:

alzo wikid recordin quality :gav:


zoundz lyk therz many people ther rezpec

hopefully u got paid 8)

unlezz it wuz fo zchool.

then hopefully u got laid 8)

haha, laid AND paid, thankfully

hahaha respec

I vill get dis, n vill pozz lizten to da MOUVEMENT firzt 8)

ahahahah daim i nominat u fo tha nu title




I akzept :ziff:

I like it, well done. and concur with rob on the recording qual.

ahahaha da JRE yo perf iz rezpecable but i reccumend

furthah development wiz diz maztahclazzz 8)

dasdc.net/forum/viewtopic.ph … 175#122175

hahahaha holy ffffuuuuck. pozz i need to seek out the long dong and ask for a masterclass in FFFFFFUCK