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Is there a complete rec of his Barber zon?


TJ#002. October 12, 1977: New Gallery, London, England (Radio Broadcast | FLAC)

  • Liszt Festival of London -
    • Ravel: Miroirs
    o 1. Noctuelles
    o 2. Oiseaux tristes
    • Liszt: Sposalizio, S.161 No.1 (from Années de Pèlerinage II)
    • Liszt: Les jeux d’eaux à la Villa d’Este, S.163 No.4 (from Années de Pèlerinage III)
    • Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody No.11 in A minor, S.244 No.11

• Liszt: Venezia e Napoli, S.162
Barber: Piano Sonata in E-flat minor, Op.26

• Liadov: The Musical Snuff Box, Op.32
• Prokofiev: Temptation, Op.4 No.4 (Suggestion Diabolique)

  • Chandos 9914, 10004 & 10150

check out the video of him playing the finale, it’s amazing

I have! That’s why I wanted the full thing!

dayum, legit

da orch a bit fucked up tho

Mikey - it’s on a CD I think Chris posted here a few months ago. If you scroll back a little in the archive, you might very well find it there. Otherwise I can certainly upload it.

ah yes, thanks. Will have a peruse.