da KAN competition in 2012


:kan: :kan: :kan: :kan: :kan:


A Prelude and Fugue from the “Well Tempered Clavier” by J.S. Bach.
F. Chopin, F. Liszt, I. Moscheles, S. Thalberg, F. Hiller, F. Kalkbrenner, P.J.G. Zimmerman or C.V. Alkan: a virtuosic etude.
Obligatory composition-one of the following compositions of C.V. Alkan: A) Scherzo Diabolico, Op. 39 B) no. 3 Scherzo de Bravoure (Prestissimo) from Trois Études de Bravoure (Scherzi), Op. 16 or C) one of the 3 Grandes Études, Op. 76.
SECOND ROUND (max. 50 min.)

A significant work by one of the following composers: F. Schubert,
C.M. von Weber, F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, R. Schumann,
F. Chopin, F. Liszt, S. Thalberg or J. Brahms.
A work by C.V. Alkan (other than the obligatory composition performed during the first Round).
A composition written during the 20th or 21st century.

One of the following two programs:

A Sonata by L.v. Beethoven and a work by C.V. Alkan (the Alkan composition performed during the first or second rounds may be repeated). The remaining of the program will be covered by work/works by composer/composers who lived in the Classical or Romantic periods of music history. (max. 45 min.)
C.V. Alkan: Concerto for Solo Piano, Op. 39


ahahahahah tha kancerto juz cazually mentiond at tha end :whale:

HAHAHAHA deze pathetique requirementz

loozah den pariz hiltonz cunt tiz tru

bazically KANwize u juz need 2 etz, 1 tiny, 1 quazi-mofo, n den a random parrot march or zumsheeyat n datz it?

GHEY :skep:

To be a ztrict KAN comp tiz zhud be lyk diz:

round1: both mini camera concz + op76 3 grande zheeyatz + zonatine + train et + 2 minz of random moizt by anothah compozah juz to hilite by contrazt da wikid gensui of da KAN


round3: op35

round4: op39 (no intahmizzheeyat) 8)

hahah a bit ghey…

i vil considah :blush:

Round 1:

kan Etudez

Round 2:

kan all hiz othah zheeyat

Round 3:


intereztin… kind of understandable for the requirementz… or elze there would be noone participating :stuck_out_tongue:

a bit ghey is zum kind ofa underztatement

maybe diz will get mah lazy ass around to
…learning one off da etudez 8)

moi tech is still not quite KAN level